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4 year old portrait session | 4-Vuotis Perhepotretti

Our buy just turned 4. We had a great time celebrating. We actually had 4 birthday celebrations in total, 2 for Leonardo and 2 for Anu. We love cake, so the more the better.

Our family have a tradition of taking a family portrait each year when Leonardo has his birthday. It is a beautiful gift to be able to see how much we all have grown. Here you can have peak a little bit to our family.


Paternity leave

Greetings from my paternity leave holidays (holidays?). It has been a long time since I posted here. This year has started full of changes. First we went to Chile for 5 weeks. That was the first time that Leonardo was there and the whole family enjoyed it very much. We had summer over there, which I would swap for winter any time. After that I started my paternity leave.

you: Paternity leave did you say?

Yes, in Finland more and more dads are staying at home with their babies. It is a wonderful opportunity for the families in many ways. The best of all is that even when this is possible in other countries (read: Chile) it is not possible because of social pressure. This is not the case here and I love it.

I think this is also the best chance for our boy to learn Spanish. Right now he is talking in both languages equally and a lot.

I started a little photography project with my child about the paternity leave and here is week 6 (maybe) the honeymoon is over


Here is a recap on how this project started. On week 1 I took our official paternity leave picture. Anu and I have taken many pictures of the first time we do something with Leonardo. His first steps, the first time he swam in the pacific ocean, etc.  So this one was his first day at home with his dad as official babysitter.


Being at home with Leonardo is a lot of fun and I wanted to make a picture to show that.


So I came up with the idea that I would like to have one of him doing something that is not very easy to capture. Children move a lot and I thought it would be cool to portrait that.

Week 3. The paternity leave photography project was not yet official. So, even when I took many pictures I wasn't really looking for something similar to the previous ones. I love this one of our 3. Strangely enough, we don't have that many pictures were the whole family is in it (sounds familiar to you?). 


On week 4 we celebrated my 35th birthday. Thanks to Anu for organizing a beautiful birthday celebration and baking cake. The project had started

Week 5, there was a lot of internet buzz because of the Oscar's selfie. So, I decided to also take part on it.


Stay tuned, more pictures to come