30 days grateful: Day 1

I have been thinking a lot of how I could be happier. This is quite weird because I feel that I actually have everything I need to be happy, but it doesn't seem to be enough. All of this very deep thinking started after my father died. I asked myself  what should I do with my life. I already was a professional, so the most "important" question always someone had asked me, at least from the perspective of a 5 year old, was already answered: What are you going to be when you grow up? But there was more to it. Where I will be next year or more important where I want to be in a year.. in 5, or in 10. Suddenly, everything was to open, too vague. Fear arouse. I have been thinking a lot about this the last 3 years (wau that is a lot of time)

I have looking what makes people happy. Why there is some people who is happy in certain circumstances while others feel that the same situation is not enough. Maybe the answer is to be grateful for what you have got.

I found a cool project called 365 days grateful. Which consists in find those little things that make you feel happy every day and appreciate them. So, I am picking up a the 30 days grateful challenge and I am going to be posting them here in the blog. Here we go.

Day 1

When I came tired from work, Anu was waiting me with dinner. 


Disclaimer: I was so hungry that I took the picture after the dinner. The soup was delicious. Next time I will take a more flattering one worth of instagram :D