1 year old family portrait | 1-vuotis perhepotretti


Our little baby has now become a toddler. He has started to walk, to talk (in 3 different languages) and his little fingers are in every corner of the house. We couldn't be happier for this last year. Certainly there has been a lot of hard work, but also the rewards have been bigger than anyone could describe.

I have seen that we have also grew up  as a family. I have discovered new aspects of my wife. I have seen her dedication for our family. Sometimes sleeping very little and many times putting everyone else before herself. Anu you are the best. Thank you.

Sometimes I feel life goes too fast. I forget to realize all I have accomplished and what I have been given. Having a family it isn't a goal, but a dream. Now, I can stop for a while and realize that this dream have come true. I am grateful for that.



There has been a while since our last family portrait and I had forgotten how much fun it is :D

Happy birthday Leonardo!



Photography by Alvaro Arenas.