In the city center

This weekend Leonardo and I went to the city center for a walk. He always sleeps better and longer in his stroller. I put him in his winter sleeping bag and off we went. He is happy in there. He know he can get a good sleep and before that have a view to the outside. It wasn't a specially cold day, but I guess that my friends in Chile wouldn't dare to take their babies out with this kind of weather. Here in Finland is nothing unusual. 


When we were in the center, we saw this couple who were giving "hugs for free" (Well, Leonardo was actually sleeping). I really like that huggers movement and I right away ask a hug from both of them :D I think the idea is great. You feel actually quite good after hugging someone. I guess it has something to do with sharing and care for other. It makes you happy.

We were at the center for about one an a half hours. I like Saturdays when the city is full of people doing their shopping. It is so alive. When we were heading home I saw this girl near the Central Post. She had such an interesting look and I couldn't help to ask her for my Strangers Project. She was a bit shy but accepted to pose.