30 days grateful day 26: 18 chico

In Chile we celebrate the independence of Chile on the 18th of September. This actually is not the day when the independence was sign but when the first Government council was hold and we decided to be independent. 

In the country side are build sort of houses with branches called "ramadas" were music was played and traditional food sold. In Finland we also celebrated sort of the same way and I helped on the party. It was quite fun as well and I am very happy that not only Chileans but also friends from other countries helped us to make this party. 

Traditionally the weekend after the 18th of September is called 18 chico. On that day the ramadas open for the last time and people carry on partying. We had our own 18 chico for the people who helped at the party. Once again a lot of fun. Special thanks to Claudia and Rodrigo for organizing the event.