Our first morning at home


I shared with you that my wife was pregnant. This last week have an amazing change in our life and our baby boy is finally born. You can imagine how madly happy we are. The delivery went well and both mom and baby are OK. 


We stayed at the hospital in a family room were my wife and I learned a lot about babies. The nurses had so much love for babies and patience for parents that their help can't be measured. Huge thanks for eveywone in the department 61 at the Naistenklinikka hospital. After 4 days they sent us home. It felt like we were a little bird in their first flight. We have just to trust ourselves that everything will be fine.


Now we are finally getting the new routine at home. Our baby is one week old and everything is going perfectly. I wanted to share with you a picture of our boy in his first morning at his home. =)