I went this weekend for a shor walk and asked some people to pose for my stranges series. Here are the highlights for the session. 

This is Siina, she was going to a friends wedding at the Tuomiokirkko. She was a bit surprised when I asked to pose for a picture (well, people don't ask stragers very often) But she was very kind to accept. I think that having dress beautifuly for some special ocassion is enough reason to pose for a portrait. I am glad she did. Tuomokirkko is the white cathedral in Helsinki. It is quite an interesting spot because there are also many tourists around.


This is a vendor from Aarikka store. She has very beautiful eyes and I couldn't help to ask to pose for a picture. I interesting that we always are afraid to ask someone to pose for a portrait. Some think people will get angry or smash your face :D But most of the time people is happy to pose and glad that someone is interesting in them. I encourage  you to also ask some stranger to pose for you.

Finally I have the shot of this man in front of the Bus station Kamppi. I am still not sure if he is a super hero or a WWF fighter. I think he is kind of a mix of both. He was his his friends having celebrating his bachelor party.