This is Teresa. I met her last week when she came visiting us with her mom, Anna-Kaisa. She has amazing blue eyes, cute little hands and a charming smile. Both of them are very kind. Anna-Kaisa met Anu at work and she and her daughter came for a short but delicious visit with lingonberry pie and ice cream. Ice cream is always the best thing to eat that you can have when a baby is visiting. You certainly have heard  that "ice cream is the only food that a mom gets to eat warm".. and yes ice cream is food :D


In Vappu, we came across Teresa and her family. Anna-Kaisa told me she didn't have yet a portrait of herself and Teresa. Then, when they came to visit us, I asked them to pose for a portrat. Actually, a mom not having pictures with her children happens quite often becuase moms are the ones taking care of the rest. They are always making sure everyone is ok and why not, that everyone is in the picture. I'd love that everyone has nice pictures of themselves, specially moms.I don't have many pictures of my childhood, but one of my favorites pictures is one where I am with my mom when I am a baby. I remember that she is so happy in that photo.