Kayaking in Helsinki

I was lucky and Sampsa invited me to go kayaking with him on Thursday. We had done that once last year and we went to the east part of Helsinki. This time he plan a rute that went around Lauttasaari (the island I live in). One of the great things in Helsinki is that there a lot of nature all over the city.

Finland has quite many little island product of the erosion of the glaciers in the ice age. This archipielago and the long days of summer make the perfect scenario for sailing and that sort of activities in the sea. Many of the islands in Helsinki and Espoo are camping areas, with a fire place and some of them have even free wood. The island themselves are very small (blow 100m in the longest side) and they are a beautiful place to go. Some islands have even a "bus boat" which goes there. Some require that you have your own transportation.

We started in Töölö and head south from Lauttasaari and went to have lunch in an island called Käärmesaari. We went for 7km before we arrived to our rest place. We went all the time near some shore but it took us around 2h to get to the island. The sea on the south of Lautasaari was quite raugh because there is open sea and it was a very windy day (or at least windy on the sea)


View from Käärmesaari

This island unfortunately didn't have a wood supply. Just some old trees but no axe. Luckily, there was a couple staying overning who lend us their own axe and we got some firewood to cook our chorizos. Also there was a grandpa with 2 children. They got a couple of fishes and I thought that it would be very nice to stay for the night in some little island, fishing and swimming.

After the lunch break we head back towards Töllö and make another stop in an island that has a Cafe. We drank a couple of coffee with a sweet bread :)

PS: Photos taking with the iPhone camera

Alvaro Arenaskayak, summer