Run, run, run

Today I signed up for the Espoo puoli-rantamaraton (Espoo's cost line half-marathon?). It is on the 23th of September and I am very excited of having a big goal I can train for. I have never run that long. So far, I have run just for 12.5 km, but felt very good. I also found a bunch of fanatic runners at work and we are going every Friday after work for a 1h run :D

So how all this running craziness started? Well, last summer Anu started running and I went often running with her. I must say that it was not my thing. We have a friend who has run the Helsinki marathon a couple of times and we have been on the road to cheer him up. I thought that running a marathon would be one thing I would like to do in my life. However, I have never been good running and I thougt it is boring. Well, it is boring! But after I saw how Anu went from running 2 minutes to 70 minutes. I thought.. hey! I can also run. My problem with running is that I didn't like this after run feel of not being able to breath. Well, I kept running with Anu and I found that my problem is that I run too fast and I don't need to go fast to have a good peace, work out and feel good.  Now Anu is pregnant and we can't go together for a while.

I also got a heart meter. That was the thing that changed all the game for me. Now I can go always at the same peace, build up my streght and at the same time avoid this "I can't breath" feeling. The other thing that works very well for me is to listen to podcasts instead of music. I listen to Radiolab.  Listening to music doesn't work for me because after a while the music fades into the background and I  start concentrating more in the running.. and get bored or go too fast (and collapse). However, the podcast works very well because I have someone "talking to me" all the time. So, I pay attention to what they say, not to the running :D

Here I have some inspiration shots I have taken in the Helsinki Marathon. What about you guys? Do you love or hate running?