Samba in Black

This weekend was the Samba Carnival in Helsinki. We had a beautiful weather with a very warm day. I like a lot that Carnival is celebrated here. I hope that in the future it gets as wild as vappu and there is not only parade but also the public is celebrating all day :D

I had this idea of getting early to the parade start point and ask the people for portraits as in the "Strangers portraits". But was helping some frinds to move their house and I came just before the start. It is weird how I start to know the people. After taking their pictures every year you start to learn their faces. This year the girls were not only dancing seperataly, but they had some beautiful choreographies which made a nice show.

Here there are some of my favorites photos. At the end you can check the slideshow to see more of them.

I love the expression of the little boy on the left picture :D


When the parade was over, I asked some of them for a portrait. Everyone was very happy to pose.


See all pictures in the slideshow

Alvaro Arenas