Juuso and I met at work. He also like climbing and we have  climbed together a couple of times the last winter.  He is very relaxed and has a great personality and as you will see he has an outstanding moustache. I feel it was very easy to photograph hin. Although everyone can speak english I always prefer to talk in Finnish. I feel that puts a little extra effort to me to give clear instructions. But everyone, specially Juuso understand what I want them to do even when I have finished my sentence. Well maybe I move my hands too much :D   


We had a lot of fun in the photo-shoot and used different cloths and light settings to have many different looks. Flash for a rock start, cool guy look. Natural light which really accentuate his blue eyes and also took some photos outdoors to get a more relaxed and closer feeling.


I always like to have some tight close-up of my model's face. I feel that that you get this feeling of intimacy with the person in the photograph.

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