Bonus: Too cute to be zombie + strangers

During the weekend I was back to photographing strangers. Here there are some pictures I want to share from them. If you just want so much to take picture of strangers but you feel you have not yet got the nerve to ask anyone on the street, I have a tip for you: "Ask people who is specting to talk with strangers". Yes, some people in the street are waiting for you to talk to them. Just ask any salesclerk, for example. Many times I start my day asking these kind of people, they are happy to talk to you and they are not affraid of you. After you have photographed a couple working in the icecream kiosk you can move to some normal pedestrians ;)

Here is the first stranger I photographed during the last weekend. She was working in the info stand for "Helsinki - World desing captial 2012". I ask what was going on in the city during the weekend. She gave me a ton of tips.


Then there was this strawberries girl. I just can't help with the strawberries girls, they always are so friendly and phtogenic.

And because this is about starters, here is the first person I photographed in the Zombie Walk. There was this cute Manga looking girl. I think she was just too cute to be zombie. 



Alvaro Arenas