Helsinki summer begins with top models, zombies and city happenings

I have convinced myself that if you wait until Finnish summer arrives, you will miss a lot of the fun. Yes, summer in Helsinki sometimes is a matter of actitude, but it has finally arrived. It came so fast that Sprint lasted about 2 weeks and one of the signs of Summer in Finland are all the outdoor happenings. I enjoy very much the finnish actitude of enjoying every sunny day as much as you can. We got a sunny warm weekend and there was alot of things going on in Helsinki. This Satuday the was the Restaurant day. The idea is that everyone can open his/her own restaurant for a day. Many people go to the parks and offer delicious courses. Some other especialize in coffee sweets. I found a nice coulple that were preparing recipies from her grandmother who was from Karelia. I ate meat soup with Karelian pies with smoked salmon. All was prepared by the cooker herself. She even smoked the salmon herself. They were at the end of Töölön lahti and there was also finnish folk music being played by some friends of her. A compleate experience.

From Strager portrait to Stranger Top Model portrait.

As you know I like taking portraits of strangers. There is just tons of interesting people on the streets. I was in the city center looking around for people to photograph when suddendly it comes a film crew and some model looking girls. At the beginning I didn't know if they are filming a comercial or what was it. But then I realized that they were filming a episode of Finland's Next Top Model, which I must confess I like very much. Yes, I do watch it, and no I am not ashamed of it :D 

There were 4 models dressed as.. well, top models I guess, and 3 other girls dress just as promotional models. They were giving away flyers for a new brand of coffee. So the crew took the girls to the front of Stockmann were they had a little stages. Then the girls started to pose for everyone to photograph. So everyone start taking pictures, even old ladies, amateur photographers go nuts having the oportunity to photograph going-to-be top models. 

Well, fins are shy and therefore "going nuts" is kind of.. ok I will take my phone out and take a picture from the distance. Hopefully I don't bother anyone. But anyway there was a good bunch of people. I decided to play my tourist card and get those coupons from the girls and ask them for a picture, just any other stranger.

So here are my first stranger top models:

All the girls gave me a beautiful smile, but I ask them to not to smile. I kind of like the look from people when they don't smile. People look more natural.

Zombie Strangers

There was also the Helsinki Zombie Walk 2012. I haven't been to one before, but I thought it is just like heaven for photographers. Tons of cool looking people and all of them wanted to be in the picture. I got the invitation to the event by a ex-work colleague who was dressed as a cute zombie girl. There were more than 300 zombies and like 300 photographers. The ambient was terrific and now and then you found people with this expression of "what the hell is going on" on their faces :D

In the backstage, zombies can be very cute, as this one who was possing for a classic stranger portrait. I love her eyes

And this nice couple had little brain shaped cakes for every zombie to eat

When they started to walk and screem it was really like being in a movie. It would be so cool if this could be done in autoum when is dark and drepessing. That would be scary 

You can see the rest of the pictures in my flickr page

The flowering of Kallio

Then I went to the festival in the Kallio distric. There was a festival during the weekend. On Sunday there was a parade. The district was suddenly full of color and music. Although the parade was small, everyone got into a good mood and started to follow the dancers.

Now if you could resist the music, no-one could resist to these little dancers. They stole the heart of everyone. 

Also everyone started taking pictures, kids, moms, grandmoms! Here there is one of the paparazzi ladies


Alvaro Arenas