Cake and balloons madness

We were visiting our family in near Lahti. Merja had her birthday and Anu brought some balloons with her. Just a packet of 100. We started to fill the house with them. First everyone was just inflating them, feeling a little shy. Then they started to spread on the floor. But then someone got the idea to put one on the wall with static electricity. You know, when you rub them agains your clothes. That was when the balloon madness started. We started to fill the walls and the celling with them. It was so much fun and I think the smallest child we had in the house is 33 years old :D

We ate cake and drank coffee, went to the sauna. For those of you who are not in Finland, here there is nothing happening without sauna.

Then next day Merja's god Child came to visit her. I had a good time playing with the children. I mean they are 2 and they are real children under 33 :D I use the oportunity to get some other shots of them in the balloon madness. Then, because it was Merja's birthday, I made her to participate in the session too (at this moment no-one actually knows that a photo session is going on, they just realize it way afterwards when their portrait was taken :D

It didn't took long when the children got used to me and I then pose them for some couple of shots. Here is my top favorite from the session.

Have a very nice weekend and remember that mother day is coming. What a better gift for mom that beutiful portraits with her children.