From mom to model

This is my work-colleague Hanna-Maria. She kindly accepted to pose for me. She is a mom of three beautiful girls and as you see she looks stuning. I like so much taking pictures of normal people and making them look like models. At the beginning we both were a little nervous, but I remain confident. I had a series of poses that I liked to try with her and also wanted to use natural light. If you remember Sari's session, 2 of the 3 pictures were done with flash.

Posing someone is just the first part of the job. You might get even a perfect, but a pose without the right expression from your subject kills your photograph and getting the right expression requires some talent. Some of us (yes, that includes me) are very shy in front of the camera and forgetting about the whole camera thing take a while. But everyone can do it.

 I am happy because I can see how I am progressing after every session and I feel I am fulfilling my goal of making everyone look great in my photographs. 




If you are a mom and would like to become a model, I would be more than happy to help you :D You might think that this experience last just ond day, but I can asure you that the experince awakes something in you that will stay forever.

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