Spring mode

Here in Helsinki the ice has finally melt. Everyone is in spring mode. The sun is shining and people is happy. One of the things that belong to spring in Finland (according to me) is to use your bike.. or fix it. Or at least curse yourself because you forgot it under the snow all winter. I did my homework and put under cover. 


So, today in the morning the sun was shinning and I thought "It is time to get into the spring mode". I put air into the tires and head off to work. By the way, this is a great deal to me because it takes me 15min to bike there against the hopefully 35 min or more using the bus. Anyway, picture this, like in a hollywood movie: I am going happily to work the cold air is on my face, the sun is shinning and there is a happy song in the background. Got it? Great! 


.. and suddenly the music kind of slows down and kuuuuueeeeee I start to sink and the front tire goes flat :(


But no problem, I am in spring mode. I take the pump I carry with me on my bike. I put more air and off to go. I finally made it to work. It took me 25min and 3 stops. Hey! still faster than the bus. I've got a repair kit at work. So, I fixed the tire and make my 15 min in the way back. Welcome spring mode!