Reflexions of a maternity portrait | Odotusajan kuvaus

My wife is pregnant. I am so happy because of that. There are many things so beautiful about this time. I see how my wife is changing, turning into a mom. She has already got this glow that mothers-to-be have. You know, they just shine. Our life is slowly changing for good. I am also changing, maturing. All big changes make you to mature.

Regarding to becoming a father, being in Finland gives me a lot of new oportunities. You might not now, but Finland is very modern in the way parents share child care. No longer taking care of the children is just moms job. I like that. Of course there are many things that a father can not do. That is just nature. However, I like that there are many possibilities here for the father to get involved in growing up the children. I feel lucky because of that.

Do you know that saying "The tailor's wife is the worst clad". Well, it happen to be that I had tried taking a good portrait from my wife. However, this is not as easy as you might think. You see, pregnant woman have this glow, but they also have a slower tempo. They get tired very fast. So finding the right time to have a portrait session is not that easy. So, having that session during work days was not a very good option. I had taking many pictures of her, but I haven't got a picture that showed her personality. Now, I finally did.