Last time I haven't been at the city making pictures. Our life have been so full with our little baby boy that everyting else have have been scondary. However, I got the chance to make a small walk and find some strangers for my strangers project. 

This is A. She have moved to the Helsinki area recently because of her studies. She was wandering the streets of Helsinki taking pictures. I love I could tell you more about her, but we have just a short chat.

 N was near Svenska Teatern. I love her colors and the intensity of her gaze.

This young man was going to some party and I catched him when he was going out of the car at Ruutopuisto. I have to say that this is the first person that was not surprised when I have asked for a portrait. I am sure he knew he looked very sharp and why not some stranger would like to have a portrait of him :D

This is Katja. She is also a photographer and has a gallery at Annankatu. She has wonderful sense of humor and was joking a lot when I was taking her portrait. You can check her work at

 This is E. I met her at from of Tenispalasi.  I asked her not to smile and I feel she liked more her look when smiling. I think she is right. I cached this look of her when I was setting my camera ;)

Alvaro Arenas