Week 3: In the shadows

Well, I had a couple of weeks off with the 52 Weeks Strobist project because I was working on this site. Now that is finished I can continue. Today I was in the Digiexpo Helsinki at the Conference Center. It was very interesting but what I did not know is that there was also Ski expo at the same time. This Saturday was a holiday here in Finland, which ment that all shops where closed and AAAAALL the kids where at the Conference Center. And when I mean all of them, it is really ALL :/

So, one of the nice things that there was at the Digiexpo was a portrait mini-workshop. They where using a mini-softbox. Long story short. I bought the softbox. The price was fine. So I am happy :D

This is a quick shot I snapped. I wanted to make a more dramatic portrait that I do with the umbrellas. I was looking for some side light with a lot of dramatic shadows.

Camera info: Nikon D90 | 35mm(ƒ1.8)@ƒ3.5| 1/125 | ISO 200 | Hand holded
Strobist info: SB-28 into 22cm softbox on camera right. 1/32 power.
Alvaro Arenas