This is Jukka. I met him in the market hall in Hakaniemi, the same place where I took the portraits from Outi and Tui. When I was creating my portfolio I realized I had too few pictures of male strangers. So I had a mission in mind when I went out. Get at least one male stranger.

I found Jukka at one end of the market. When I saw him I thought "this is the guy". But he was busy serving his clients. So, I had to wait a while for just asking and afraid I would look to weird staring :D. The nice thing that he has a mini-figure of himself in the front of his stand. So, I started taking pictures of it first.

Once Jukka got a little free time, I asked for a portrait. I have to say that this people in the market are awesome. Everyone was very interested in the project. After the shot, Jukka confessed that he also has been photographing and that is very hard to get people to pose.

This picture is number 39 in my 100 strangers project. You can find out more pictures in my 100 strangers set in Flickr. You can also check my Portraits set. You can also visit the 100 strangers project at www.100Strangers.com