Day 12: Fast furious


I grab this shot from the corner of Manerheimintie and Esplanadi. I wanted to get a sense of motion while keeping the car as sharp as possible. I think that the camera in my phone performed quite well. However, I always miss the knobs and buttons of my bigger camera. On the other hand, I take it as a challenge and also a game to take the pictures with the phone. My goal is after a year be able to look back and see the progress in my photography as well as showing that you can take nice pictures with any camera. Stay tunned!

PS: Yes, that "Stay tunned" was for the 2 people that is reading this blog + my family :)
PS2: Well, it was just for the 2 of you cause my family doesn't know English. So they don't understand what the hell I am writing here :D
Alvaro Arenas