Outi was working at the Market Hall in Hakaniemi, where I went this weekend. At first, I asked her colleague and her if I could make a portrait of them together. The other girl said shy and polite that rather no. However, Outi said "sure, what should I do". She was so, so helpful and motivated that I feel I couldn't make justice to her. I decided to get a tighter shot and concentrate in her amazing eyes. After I took the pictures she told me "You should go to the stand in front and take a picture of the girls there as well. They are very nice". So I did =) Click here to go to fullscreen mode. You definitely should see this picture large.

This picture is number 37 in my 100 strangers project. You can find out more pictures in the 100 strangers or portraits sets. You can also visit the 100 strangers project at www.100Strangers.com

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